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Welcome to Fire bird Technology
Fire Bird Technology

Fire Bird Technology was established in Amman in February 2008,while it was in UAE since 1999. As computer Network Solutions and power experts,Fire Bird has successfully developed a highly qualified and professional technical staff consisting of designers, consultants, technicians, installers and trouble-shooters. Our satisfied clients can attest to a proud record of efficient and effective services.

Technology is an ever-expanding, continuously progressive field. At Fire Bird we recognize the importance of keeping abreast of recent developments in the world of technology.

Constant on- the job training encourages familiarity with the latest state-of the art tools and equipment from manufacturers of international repute. Moreover, we frequently attend, and actively participate in regional seminars and international exhibitions, such as CeBit of Germany, Gitex of Dubai in order to stay informed of the new advancements in Computer Network Solutions & UPS. For Fiber Optic Cabling, whose impact on the industry has been revolutionary World - Wide, we are very well qualified to render our services in the field as consultants, designers and installers of such networks supported with wide experience and high standard of performance.

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Riello Founded in 1986, Riello Elettronica is part of the wider Riello Industries group. Originally a manufacturer of power switching supplies for IT, the Group evolved into uninterruptible power supplies. It took on its present structure, becoming the parent company for the rest of the Group’s businesses, in 1995, and is now in the top four manufacturers of UPS in the world.


Excel is a world-class premium performance end-to-end infrastructure solution – designed, manufactured, supported and delivered – without compromise. Excel is the complete trusted solution. Since the brand was launched to the UK market in 1997, Excel has enjoyed formidable growth and is sold in over 70 countries throughout EMEA.


Ultracell, established in 1999 and located in Liverpool, U.K, is a world leader in Valve Regulated Lead Acid (VRLA) batteries. As well as having a substantial share of the UK's VRLA market, Ultracell exports its products to more than 60 countries worldwide, in the continents of Europe, South America, Central America, Middle East, Africa and USA.


Makelsan is one of the European leading manufacturers of Standalone & Modular Ups ranging from 650VA to 6.4MVA. Established in 1976 with the aim of designing electrical power systems; today the company manufactures high tech power quality products.

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    المؤسسة العامة للضمان الاجتماعي
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    فندق ومنتجع البحيرة
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Firebird Technology is located in the Amman business and commercial district to be easily
reachable and closely in touch with the emerging businesses and industries of today's fast growing Jordan

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sammor 2 Building, 3rd Floor, Office No.8 wasfi Al Tal Street, Baraka Part, Near Faislay Complex

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+962 6 562 564 1

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